Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tuesday Night Out                               

I've finally got a chance to do a girls night out Tuesday. Thought you'd enjoy hearing about it.
I met a friend over the web, on a chat line, who is also a c/d. She was going to be in town here some 1,600 miles away, and wanted to meet me in the evening. We set up times, etc, via cell phone, and decided (she has been here before and knows area) to meet at my favorite restaurant.

I planned, to find a way to leave the house in partial drab, as my wife doesn't approve of my cross-dressing yet.  What I wore was denim skirt, pulled up, under a pair or jeans. I wore a white embroidered blouse with a light jacket hiding it. I hid my wig, heels, and purse in car before I start to prepare to leave.  I did my makeup, earrings and necklace,dressed and put on flat shoes, before heading out.   I got half way to the restaurant and stopped in Home Depot parking lot and did a quick undercover change.  Insuring I was looking good! I continued on. 

I arrived earlier than needed, and decided to get out, and look inside restaurant in case my friend got there first!  The air conditioner was heaven, so I stayed inside waiting. She soon showed up, I stepped outside welcomed her and we quickly found a booth.  I never noticed anyone take a second look at us, as I believe we looked like two girls having dinner.

Since, this was my first meeting with a cross-dresser like me, without other people around....... I don't think I could stop talking. We had a long dinner, and good conversation. She suggested we should visit near by thrift store, where she found some shoes and nice mini skirt. I shopped there before and didn't realize how wonderful it felt to be looking at women clothing dressed, it was a completely different ME.  Of course, the evening end to soon.  I return home, used the basement door to my house cleaned up, dressed in drab, went back out and then came in normally. My wife never noticed anything different.   OH! YES I'm ready for another!!!
                                    Hugs!  Karen

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scalesman said...

I do get the occasional night out...sometimes known to my wife and sometimes not...but I know the concept of partial dressing to get out the door and away from the neighbors. I try to do my complete underdressing and makeup. I then have put on a dress or a skirt and top. Pull on a pair of pants over the bottom and a guys shirt over the top. Take my purse, wig, extra makeup and shoes in a bag and then try to leave undetected until I can get to a place for completing the changeover. As a committed husband who likes to get out and about while dressed there are all sorts of things that I have tried.