Saturday, January 26, 2013

My Streetrod designed and built S10 by me!!!
with photos.

Green Street Delivery

The Harley Extra Cab

Station Wagon Unit

And more photos of Green One

Green One's Interior


Rear Interior Storage

Rear Glamor Shot

Side Shot

Front End

Special Photo Shot

At Car Show


Innovate said...

What can you do with a 95 Chevy Blazer 4 door, 4WD? How would you customize it, so it does not look like a Ford? No rust repair required. What would you charge?

mrslickiv6 said...

my thoughts and hope you get this returned comment
First I closed my shop a year ago and the photos are of units i’d like to sell. Herein felt like a good place to put them for buyers to see. Also there fiberglass kits where designed for the older s10 (1985 though 1993) . There is little hope these would work or fit your truck.
I have four suggestions that could help you:
1). A simple change of headlites and grille can create different look quickly.
2). Check the web, I believe that there is a site for mini trucks out there. On that site was an area of reader’s trucks. Some newer s10’s there, with custom work. Be sure to print pages you like or find that way to save so you can look back later!
3). Using the web search, fiberglass, mods, etc for s10, there maybe someone out there selling kits for your truck.
4). Take a piece of cardboard and place between door and fender. Mark top and bottom. Copy panel’s shape. Go to junk yard with pattern and see just what might line up close, you could end with complete front clip! Of course, it maybe too wide and long but add frame or cut out to narrow wouldn’t be hard. Good luck!!!

innovate said...

Thank you for your input MrslickV6.I am afrais to do the work myself, I am sorry that you closed shop. Are you sure I cannot tempt you into doing some work? I could send you a picture of the Blazer and maybe you could think it over. I am sure someone as talented as you would be able to do something interesting with my truck. I am not made of money, but I know how to appreciate hard, honest work.